How to convert leeku PCBs from JiGon to QMK

Part 2 - QMK

In this part we will take a look at the heart of the whole operation: QMK. After all it’s the main reason we are going through all this effort :)

Leeku PCBs vs QMK

In contrast to a lot of other PCBs out there, the leeku ones are not constructed in a way that makes integration of QMK a straightforward process. For one they don’t use one of the estabslished standard microcontrollers - like the Atmega32u4 - and instead opts for the similar sounding but quite different Atmega32a with an Attiny85 as co-processor for the backlight and underglow management.

While this doesn’t make QMK impossible to run, it does impose some limitations that you need to be aware of before doing the conversion: * RGB underglow animations are not working, only static colors * LED backlight effects and intensity are not working, only on/off * Macros (especially fast acting keycombos) might not work as expected

I found these things a small price to pay to not have to use JiGon but your mileage may vary, so make sure you understand the limitations before going through wih the conversion because going back might be hard/next to impossible!

QMK - Check it out

Custom keycodes?

Points to include:

  • Tutorials on Git (external link)
  • Minimal command set
  • Why the modified version
  • Limited functionality
  • Tutorial on QMK compilation (external link)1
  • Show keymaps

  1. Maybe a Youtube video and a written one? [return]