How to convert leeku PCBs from JiGon to QMK


While TX boards are certainly some of the nicest Kustom cases available, the PCBs they come with have the questionable privelege of being flashed with leeku’s own firmware JiGon… which to me is no competition to good old reliable QMK.

While the ability to change layouts on the fly and configure single RGB LEDs or mulitple baklight patterns is certainly nice, the software is - atleast from my personal perspective - not only an UI/UX nightmare, it’s also severly limited in pure functionality when compared to that of QMK. I also prefer to have the same software running on all my keyboards so I don’t have to adapt to another way of doing this when switching between them.

Whatever your reason might be for it, this tutorial will help you in bringing QMK to your leeku PCB enabled keyboards.


I’m an Embedded Systems Engineer by trade, so messing with electronics and software is pretty much second nature for me. I understand though that that’s not the same for everyone, so I tried my best to make it as easy to understand and follow as possible. Still, some parts of the process need you to mess with command line apps/interfaces. If this is not something you feel comfortable with, I’d advise you against trying it yourself and maybe get help from a friend, family member or whoever else you think might be more at home with such things.

While the necessary steps are neither very complicated, nor very error prone, you should still be comfortable with the idea of maybe loosing the PCB in the process. This is highly unlikely and with the tools presented here you should be able to recover from most errors but I can’t and won’t take responsibility for anything that happens if you decide to follow the prcoess described over the following pages.

Thank you

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the work of xauser, who shared his TMK port for leeku boards on GitHub. Without his work this project probably wouldn’t exist!

I also want to thank for being willing guineanne pigs and helping me to test all the steps of this guide. They helped a lot in finding the things that semmed obvious to me but weren’t actually ;).

Ok, with all that out of the way… let’s begin our adventure!