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Ji-Be-Gone • Part 2 - QMK

In this part we will take a look at the heart of the whole operation: QMK. After all it’s the main reason we are going through all this effort :)

Ji-Be-Gone • Part 1 - Tools and Software

We’re going to need some tools and software to accomplish the switch from JiGon to QMK, so please read the following points attentively to make sure you have everything ready and at hand before starting the actual conversion process.

Ji-Be-Gone • Introduction

While TX boards are certainly some of the nicest Kustom cases available, the PCBs they come with have the questionable privelege of being flashed with leeku’s own firmware JiGon… which to me is no competition to good old reliable QMK. While the ability to change layouts on the fly and configure single RGB LEDs or mulitple baklight patterns is certainly nice, the software is - atleast from my personal perspective - not only an UI/UX nightmare, it’s also severly limited in pure functionality when compared to that of QMK.